We have rented out farms in different Districts of Luweero, Masaka and Mukono, but because of the increasing demand of organic foods all over the Globe, we decided to buy from out-growers from various parts of Uganda to increase on our production as well to boost the social – economic lives of the Ugandans.
We have provided  employment opportunities to the youth in fields of food packaging and transportation



Importation and Exportation

Our Company does business in Importation and exportation of all kind of products, most operations of importing from countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Dubai and then export to China, America, Italy and Turkey



Construction Materials and Farm Equipment

We supply new and used heavy farm machinery such as tractors, hand tractors balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, Irrigation equipment and sprayers. We sell high quality equipment for the earthmoving and demolition industry from leading brands in the world



Agri Products

We have a bigger market for Grains across the world and we sell or export to South Sudan and Burundi and with the different changing prices of this particular product, we have made long-term supply contracts which has enabled us to keep the market price stable